Mobile Device Websites

responsive web design for all devices

2017 Websites better be mobile-friendly! How many people just got a tablet, or bigger smart phone for Christmas? That means there are that many more surfers out there using mobile devices to look at your site. If I am browsing to your page to buy some product, and I find that I have to leave the comfort of my couch to make a purchase, I just might try going to another site that is mobile-friendly, so I can remain surfing on my tablet in whatever place I want to be. Lets face it, a desktop computer is like a big ball and chain, restraining your movement, while a tablet is like detaching that chain and floating off in a hot air balloon.
Smartphone sales and availability increases massively each year, and the screens keep getting bigger which means - more people browsing to your site on their phones.... no matter how big you think your phone screen is, its a small screen compared to the standard desktop monitor. So... how does one view the same information on all the different screens (12" - 30" desktop monitor, 4" - 15" tablet, and 2"-6" smartphone)

Thats called responsive theming - and you want that.

If you dont have that now, contact us to get started.